You’ve Been a Victim of Domestic Violence: Now What?

Domestic Violence

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are a victim of domestic violence:

You don’t have to go through this alone. You may be tempted to attempt to go through this without legal representation, but protect your interests the best way possible by getting legal help. Call the Law Office of Lynda L. Hinkle at 856-227-7888 for competent, non-judgmental and holistic representation at affordable prices.

Don’t blame yourself. If you have been a victim of domestic violence, it is not your fault. Your abuser may try to make you feel as though it is, and chances are he or she knows you well enough to know how to make you feel that way. Don’t allow it.

Become your own hero. Although it is tempting to look for someone to save you in this terrible time of turmoil in your life, you are the hero you are looking for. Surround yourself with the support you need: a good attorney, friends and family who are supportive, a counselor or therapist, and any other professionals you may need. Don’t be afraid to lean on this support, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. But ultimately it is YOU who will get you out of this, and YOU who will look back on this time and know what an amazing, strong person you are for having done it.

Instead, focus on protecting yourself, your family, and your assets — both in the short term and in the long term. Right now your life feels chaotic; but think of how you will feel a year from now. Try to imagine how you want your life to be then. The things you do now will create that future for you and your family.

What to discuss with your attorney: creating a safety plan for your physical safety and that of your children, how to file a temporary restraining order, what a final restraining order is and how to get one, asking for the financial support you need, dividing property, your children and their support, child custody and visitation, what to do if your abuser violates the restraining order, finding resources for your emotional support, questions you have about the legal process.

When to call your attorney: whenever you have a question, concern or you need help finding a resource. However, if you are in physical danger call the police first, and then your attorney.

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