Why a Cheap Divorce Isn’t Always Cheap

Divorce Law

Want a quick, cheap divorce?

Want to come back in a year and litigate with attorneys spending $10-20k because you didn’t include important things? Want to waive interest in things you didn’t even realize you were entitled to and find out later but now can’t do anything about it? Want to “just believe”your spouse with no discovery of what they have and find out later they were sitting on a lot more money that should have been divided but they didn’t tell you?

Sometimes all those things come together.

Now, there are circumstances where a cheap, easy divorce is possible and recommended. An example would be if you have no property or children and a short marriage. Sometimes you’ll want to pay a lawyer to make sure everything is done right, but in some circumstances like this you CAN do it on your own if you are very very good at following instructions and researching.

However, if you or your spouse have any of the following you absolutely should at least consult with an attorney before engaging in any settlement discussion or agreement or trying to represent yourself in a divorce:

  1. Children.
  2. A long marriage.
  3. A moderate length marriage complicated by any of these issues.
  4. A difference in income between you and your spouse.
  5. Inherited property.
  6. Premarital assets.
  7. Significant debt or tax issues.
  8. No idea what your spouse has.
  9. A business.
  10. Significant assets.
  11. A home.
  12. A sneaking suspicion you’re making a mistake not talking to a lawyer.

If you want an honest assessment of whether you need a lawyer, call for a free consult 856-227-7888.

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