A Tribute To Those We’ve Lost….

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This week we’ve unfortunately received the news that two of our clients passed away. Over the years, we have had the privilege to serve many who were ill or at the end stage of their life and it never gets easier to hear news like that, even when it’s expected.

Everyone on our staff has, at one time or another, suffered a loss of a loved one. We know the pain, even when it isn’t an unexpected passing.

Being a lawyer isn’t all about paperwork, filings, rules, or procedures. A big part of it, particularly in family and estate work, is about sharing a common humanity with people who are struggling with a problem we are trained to help resolve on the most mundane levels. We cannot resolve the pain of our clients or salve their grieving. We can help make some of the legal parts manageable.

But we at The Law Office of Lynda Hinkle wanted to take a moment, here, to just light a little virtual candle for all the interesting, beautiful, brave souls who have passed through our doors over the years and then went on to whatever lies beyond. Thank you for trusting us, honoring us with your struggles, and reminding us of how short a time we are all here.

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