We’ve Got Your Back: Coronavirus Doesn’t Stop the Problems OR the Solutions


Coronavirus is creating a whole new, temporary world for all of us to navigate, but The Law Office of Lynda Hinkle is ready for anything!

We were already prepared for stepping into a more technological means of practicing law.

  • Our files are already digital and available to our staff laptops remotely, and have been for years.
  • We are using Voice Over Internet (VoIP) to continue connecting all our phones seamlessly from remote locations. You can call us at 856-227-7888 and will not know whether a staff member is answering from their home or from the office.
  • We now are using LawPay to have easy internet payments for our clients and can e-sign retainer agreements.
  • We now offer video consults via Zoom
  • We have always been highly accessible via email


Although the court system is currently uncertain about how to address the need for hearings in these times, we are here to help you navigate. Now is an excellent time to move forward with a divorce, custody or support matter because you have more time to gather the data needed to best pursue your matter, and if you get filings in now you’ll be in the queue early when the court floodgates reopen.  We are available for free consults by phone or video as well as in person, so we can efficiently get you started in advancing your interests.  You will receive the same excellent service that you would in non-crisis times, because coronavirus doesn’t stop you from having problems and it doesn’t stop us from having solutions.


We have your back! Call to schedule today 856-227-7888.

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