The Complimentary 20 Minute Consult

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If You Have a Family, Estate or Guardianship Issue: You Need This Now

How does a complimentary 20 minute consult work, what you will receive from it, and why do you need one?

  1. When you schedule, our staff will make sure we do not have a conflict and will request you to send any relevant documentation by email that may help make the consult more effective.
  2. Our consults are by phone generally, but you may request Zoom.  At the time of your appointment you will be contacted by our attorney Lynda Hinkle (unless you request to call in).
  3. During the consult you will have an opportunity to explain your concern and will be asked clarifying questions.
  4. Lynda will then discuss the process and available solutions with you as well as potential costs and initial retainer amount if the matter is something our office can assist with. She cannot predict the total cost of any matter except for flat rate estate plans but can give you an idea based on experience.
  5. You will have an opportunity to ask questions.
  6. A follow up email will contain a retainer agreement so you can retain if you so choose.
  7. Benefit to you: you’ll know what you need to solve your problem, the likely costs, some tips for handling things if you are just preparing and not ready to act, and if our firm can help!
  8. Why 20 minutes not 30 anymore? Most consults handled efficiently take about this long plus perhaps a few extra minutes to review paperwork before the consult.  This enables us to serve more people and also allow you to get back to your day confident you know what you need.

Please call today to schedule your free consult where you can get some answers about how to unravel your legal problem!

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