Maximizing Your 30 Minute Free Consult


We strive to make the free consult a value added experience where clients get real information about their legal matter and advice on how to proceed. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your consult.

  1.  If you have a pending matter that has a paperwork already filed, provide it in advance. We are happy to take a quick glance at most recent paperwork to help us be informed of risks and concerns you have in your legal matter. Although that may eat into your 30 minutes slightly, it will greatly improve the accuracy of the information we can provide.  Ask your appointment scheduler for the email of the lawyer you’ll be talking to so you can send it.
  2. At the least, know your court date. If you have something pending tell the appointment scheduler immediately so she can assess how urgently you need to be seen to avoid missing deadlines. Often we can do same or next day appointments.
  3. Focus your concerns.  Although some background is helpful, most cases have the Urgent Reason you are calling, the most important and top of mind issues should be mentioned first and then the lawyer speaking with you can request background that will help them frame your issue and their advice.
  4. Have your questions ready.  Make a written list of questions you can refer to, and add to them as the conversation goes on if something comes up.
  5. Bring help if you need it.  For some it is too emotional, or they find it difficult to organize their thoughts and they need a trusted friend or family member in the consult. Although this is not ideal for your privacy, we will certainly permit it if you need the assistance and give permission for that person to hear what’s happening.
  6. Don’t be afraid. At our office, we aren’t going to pressure you…we will be honest about what you’re looking at in your matter, the benefits and risks. We will tell you what we can and cannot do for you.  We will be sympathetic to your emotion, but we will attempt to focus the call on what you need to know for your protection.  If we think you need to hire us urgently, we’ll tell you…but if we think you don’t need us, we’ll tell you that too.  We’re here to be your advocate.
  7. Don’t be concerned about us talking to the other party.  Some people find it worrying that we ask for the name of the other party in your legal matter: the spouse you are divorcing, the ex you are fighting for custody with, etc.  We do this so we can do a conflict check and make sure we have never spoken to them or offered them advice. We will NEVER reach out to someone without your express permission after we have been hired by you to do so.
  8. Don’t worry about giving us information.  We are charged with maintaining your privacy. Unless you are telling us of a pending criminal event (you plan to hurt someone, for example), what you say to us is private.

We look forward to talking to you about your matter. Please call 856-227-7888 and we’ll get you set up for our free 30 minute consult by phone or Zoom!

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