How the Pandemic Changed Family Court (so far)

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People often ask how quickly things are moving in family court in New Jersey right now, due to the pandemic. Each vicinage and each chambers has managed a different level of adaptation given some very different circumstances and the amount of cases per vicinage. Cases ARE moving, but you can often expect significantly more delays than you had in the past. Depending on the kind of matter and your location, we can often help manage your expectations.

The New Jersey court system is looking to slowly move toward opening the court houses this summer for in person trials and matters, but family court motions and case management conferences as well as mediations are likely to continue remotely indefinitely. This is good news for clients, because it means less time off work for you and less expense for your lawyer waiting in the court house for your turn.

It is also, sadly, true that there have been complications and delays associated with getting paperwork back from the court. Clients are often frustrated that we cannot get things for them. Unfortunately, there is little any law office can do to push the court to move more quickly, particularly if they are struggling at capacity. We can remind, and we do, but that can sometimes go unanswered for some time.

“Roll with it” has been our motto as we have juggled the changing landscape of managing court interactions. If you need a lawyer who can help you roll with a series of potentially frustrating complications, changes and virtual proceedings, give us a call at 856-227-7888.

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