Family and Estate Mediation Services Now Available

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Family and Estate Mediation Services

We now offer mediation services.  Mediation isn’t appropriate for every case, and sometimes negotiation is a better option than mediation, and occasionally litigation is the only answer. However, mediation is useful for resolving issues when:

  •  The parties share a desire to reach a speedy result and are willing to compromise.
  • The issues can be narrowed by sharing information.
  • There is not an imbalance of power between the parties (such as would occur in a domestic abuse situation).
  • The parties need an outside, reasonable voice to bring them to center.
  • The parties understand that mediation is not a win/lose situation. Everyone wins something and everyone loses something.

If you think your circumstances are appropriate for mediation, please contact our office for a free consultation. Unlike some mediators, we will attempt to resolve your matter in a couple of sessions and direct you to the next steps in finalizing your matter. Ethics, integrity and fairness are our hallmarks.

Call 856-227-7888 for a free consultation to discuss mediation services.

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