COVID Precautions in the New Normal


Our office has taken COVID-19 seriously from the start. Back in March of 2020, when it became increasingly clear we were facing a public health crisis, we quickly moved to remote operations and were fully operational in one week by implementing:

  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) phones means that our staff can answer phones and call you from their home offices without any service interruption.
  • Remote consults by telephone/video:  we have done and will continue to do remote consults. Our clients and potential client generally find this infinitely more convenient. On rare occasions when it is necessary to meet in person, we will make special arrangements.
  • Remote work is better work. Our lawyers and staff, all of whom work often well beyond their regular hours to make sure our clients are well served, work best from home where they do not face commutes and additional distractions.  We will continue to work from home but to make appointments in the office as needed to serve clients.
  • The Office remains staffed.  We do have 1-2 staff people in the office during business hours to serve drop in clients, collect mail and provide other essential services. It is best to call ahead if you plan to stop by the office, but at almost all times someone will be there to help you.
  • We offer remote pay: you can pay bills via credit card at 4am if you want on your own computer or phone.  We also take traditional payments via check or cash at our office, or we can take payments by phone.
  • All are staff are fully vaccinated or soon will be. Although we did not require this of our staff members, we all agree that protecting our clients and community, as well as our own health,  is a number one priority.
  • We use all COVID protocols and will continue to do so for as long as the CDC recommends. This means masks are required in our office, hand sanitzer is always available, and we will distance. We miss shaking your hands, but we’d rather make certain you are safe!

As the world continues to adapt to a world post-COVID vaccination rollout, we will continue to follow the science and do all that is advised to protect you.  But we also have, now for over a year, served hundreds of clients with the same excellent and dedicated service we offered prior to COVID, and we will always continue to do that.

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