College Contribution Facts for Single Parents

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With summer winding down and the new school year fast approaching, many parents are more anxious than usual. That anxiety is worse for single parents of High School seniors faced with paying for college or vocational schools. There are a lot of myths and horror stories you may have heard about getting the other parent to contribute to your child’s education.

Here are four things you need to know about college contribution

1. Don’t Assume You Won’t Get College Contribution

College can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you will have to handle on your own.  There are 12 different factors to consider when deciding if the other parent has to help you  pay for you child’s education and chances are that you do qualify for at least a few of them.  That being said…

2. Don’t Assume You Can Force The Other Parent To Pay For Half

Just because you are owed something doesn’t mean that you can expect a full and equal contribution. For example, the court will consider how much money the other parent makes as well as the ability of your child to earn income themselves.

3. BOTH PARENTS Need to Have A Frank Budget Talk ASAP!

Whatever the court’s decision, it won’t pay your child’s tuition. You and the other parent need to have a frank conversation about what it will cost and how much you can each realistically afford. This is important to determine what kind of financial aid your child might need. It will cover you legally in court should questions about your expectations arise.

4. Try to Include The Other Parent In The School Selection Process (VERY IMPORTANT!)

The more involved the other parent is in the college selection process, the more they will be expected to contribute to college costs. If a parent is estranged from their child, the expectations of their contribution will go down or even become nullified. If the other parent is still involved with your child and the decision making process, they still have a responsibility to help your kid go to school.

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