Child Custody: The Painful Fight

Child Custody: The Painful FightMaybe not all romantic relationships last forever, but what does last a lifetime is the relationship you have with your children. They will always be inexorably linked to you, and a good parent maintains a healthy connection with their children through all life’s ups and downs. In most cases, a separation between parents should not spell the same fate for any child involved. You will always be their mother or father, and despite the conflict between you and the other parent no child should feel at fault, nor should you feel alienated from them.

Parents have rights over their children, and in a difficult custody battle it is important to keep in mind the best interests of the child. It is often the most difficult thing for parents to do in setting aside their own personal interests. Another important point to note in a child custody dispute is not to let the children suffer from the problems that exist between parents anymore than they already are with the pain that accompanies a divorce or separation. Pitting children against one parent or the other will not settle any dispute, but only create more.

Let a law firm, such as the Law Offices of Lynda Hinkle, fight the battles between you and your former partner in a civil manner. Maintaining the high road does not mean letting the other side walk all over you, it means putting the interests of your children first but fighting for your relationship with them in court, away from their eyes. Knowing you have professionals working on your side leaves the time spent with your children free from any discussion and anxiety dealing with the dispute. This will demonstrate that you are putting their interests and feelings first.

Also, be prepared to negotiate and compromise with the other side in a custody dispute since it is unlikely that one side will walk away with all demands granted in family court, except in some cases where there is violence, addiction or other threats to the childrne’s best interests. In settlement negotiations it is important to weigh out what is more important and less important to you, because being flexible may help you attain your higher priorities and reduce legal costs while maintaining control in the outcome of your case.

A free 30-minute consultation at the Law Offices of Lynda Hinkle would provide insightful legal advice for your own personal circumstance, and could make all the difference in gaining more time for the most important life long relationship you’ve committed to being in: with your children.

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