Biography of Petey Hinkle, Law Dog

Petey Hinkle, Law DogBiography of Petey Hinkle, Law Dog

Petey Hinkle, Law Dog, was an orphan, wandering the mean streets of Gloucester City, NJ when a member of the community brought him to Dawn Watson of Brother of the Wolf.

Although Lynda Hinkle had no intention of adopting a dog, when she met Petey through Dawn’s daughter Dana, who was fostering him, the two fell madly in love and Petey the Law Dog was hired on the spot for both work in the law office and for the position of Lynda’s best friend.

Since starting in the Law Office, Petey received recognition from the New Jersey Veterinary Medicine Association’s Hall of Fame for his work in comforting folks who bring their troubles to the office.  He is well loved in the community and has frequent visitors, some of whom bring treats.  Petey the Law Dog hopes to some day be a Therapy Dog as well, but he’s still working on “sit” and “stay”. Sit is easier.

Office Locations:

Petey the Law Dog lives in Bellmawr, NJ.

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