5 Reasons to Talk to a Divorce Lawyer BEFORE You’re Ready to Divorce

Divorce Law

Do not wait until you’ve had enough. There are at least five good reasons why you need to talk to a divorce lawyer as soon as you think maybe this isn’t going in the right direction.

1. You need to know how to prepare in a practical way. You’ll need to know the costs (what to save), what paperwork and information you’re going to need and what the process looks like so you can be prepared.

2. You need to know what not to do now. There are steps you can take that make matters better or worse in the here and now in the event of a future divorce. Those depend on your individual circumstances and a lawyer can help you to know what things to consider.

3. You need to know who you can go to and who to trust. You may not like the first divorce lawyer you talk to. When you aren’t in a hurry it’s a good time to weigh the decision of what kind of lawyer you want. It’s good to have your team ready when you are.

4. You need to know the risks. Sometimes the knowledge of what the financial outcomes could be will help you make decisions about how to progress in your negotiation for or against your marriage.

5. You need to make decisions from a position of power and knowledge, not fear and anger. Emotional decision making rarely leads to the results we want.  Armed with knowledge, you can decide about the direction you want to go in real time as events unfold in the most constructive way for your future.

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