A Loving Letter to Clients On Listening to Your Lawyer



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Dear beautiful, amazing, wonderful client base,

Each and every one of you through the years has been important to me. I take your problems very seriously. I take your solutions very seriously. But there are at times this moment where I know you simply aren’t going to do what I am suggesting. Perhaps you know in your heart of hearts that I am right. For example:

No, you should not let your anger get the better of you and say something hateful in the middle of a court proceeding to the other side or the judge.  When I tap your hand under the table that way I’m not getting fresh. I am attempting to keep the sheriff’s officer from arresting you.

No, you should seriously not agree to a ridiculously unfavorable agreement because you are “tired”.  Let me help carry the load of negotiation.  But don’t give up the essentials.

No, please no, do not in the heat of anger tell your spouse everything we’ve talked about. There are some things we should introduce in a more professional way.

No, releasing his entire $1000 collection of Japanese fish into the sewer system is really not proper vengeance for his bringing the kids home an hour late.

No, don’t neglect to tell me that little detail that in the middle of court may change everything. Like, for example, that felony charge you may have mentioned to me. Or the quarter million in hidden assets that suddenly they can prove.

No, and I’m serious about this, the judge probably isn’t going to completely change established law because you think it’s more fair to you, so if I tell you you’re better off negotiating then going before a judge on something, yeah I mean it.

There are so many other scenarios in which you really, really need to listen to me. There is nothing you can do or say that would surprise me, truthfully. I think I’ve seen it all.  And even if you managed to pull off surprise, it won’t last long because I will already be thinking about how to save the situation.  But when you really, really don’t listen? Sometimes I can’t.

Let me help you.  Help me help you.

If you aren’t already my client and are ready to listen to some good, solid common sense from a lawyer who will lay it on the line for you and then fight for the best possible outcome for you, we got you. 856-227-7888.


Lynda L. Hinkle, Esq.


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