Top Seven Reasons Why a Pre-Nup Is Not Anti-Romance

Premarital Agreements

There’s nothing more romantic than planning for every contingency. We recommend prenups. And now we’re not kidding. Here are seven reasons why:

7.  A premarital agreement costs an average of $1000-2500.  A contentious divorce can cost between $10,000-50,000.  Which would you rather spend?

6.   Your parents will be really, really happy they didn’t work 40 years to leave you money to pay your alimony.

5.  You can’t waive a right to child support or pre-plan what to do with the children of the marriage. It has nothing to do with them, so don’t worry about being stripped of opportunities to support your children someday.

4.   Wouldn’t you rather marry a mature, responsible person who has thought about things like marital assets, estate planning, and financial planning than someone who figures they will never have anything anyway so why bother?

3.  Like it or not, marriage IS a contract that is managed by the State.  Now…do you want to dictate the terms or do you want THESE guys to do it:




supreme court








2. Most people call it a Premarital Agreement now, not a Prenuptial Agreement. Sounds less scary, doesn’t it?

1.   The number one reasons Premarital Agreements are not Anti-Romance is that it means that you both understand one another. It is loving, and it is honorable to make be clear with one another and to establish that your relationship is built on love, but has financial implications that should not interfere with the leanings of the heart. You’ve had the important discussions, you feel safe and loved entering a marriage of mutual understanding and agreement, rather than unsure and unprotected.

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