Concerning International Parent Abduction…

Child Custody and Support

Most parents who have custody disputes have no reason to be concerned that the other parent will attempt to abscond out of the country to avoid sharing parenting, but in some cases, particularly if the other parent has dual citizenship or citizenship in another country, that’s a real concern.

One way to protect against that happening is to file a form with the Government to be alerted if your children’s passports are used. This should be in conjunction with having a firm court order disallowing international travel without agreement or court order and laying out necessary requirements for information about the travel. T

If you have real concern and a cause to have it, attempting to get a court to rule against any international travel may be necessary. The fact is, there are many countries who have not agreed, as part of the Hague Convention, to assist in returning children who have been abducted to their country by another parent. There are countries who have agreed, but that doesn’t always make it easy to locate the missing parent and children.

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