Amy Darrow

Amy Darrow is a paralegal with over twenty-six years of experience in family law.

An indispensable employee to the law office, Amy serves as a head paralegal and direct paralegal to Lynda Hinkle, Esq. Before joining the Law Offices of Lynda Hinkle, Darrow spent a full quarter decade working for a small, well-established, and highly reputable family law firm, only leaving when her employer retired. She has since become a fixture at her new firm.

She is a devoted mother and grandmother, and when not on the job, Darrow maintains a strong interest in athletics. She is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan, rooting actively for both the Eagles and the Phillies. A lifelong lover of the water, Darrow loves trips to the beach and swims regularly to keep in shape. Her favorite beach is Cape May, but one day she hopes to swim at one of Hawaii’s many famous beaches.

Though she has spent decades in the profession, Darrow doesn’t feel like she’s anywhere near the end of her career. She has stated that her arrival at the Law Offices of Lynda Hinkle represents the pinnacle of her career thus far. This is for the best since Hinkle has stated that Darrow is “not allowed to retire.” There are a great many people who are glad that she hasn’t.