When to Call a Family Lawyer

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Here are 9 key times when you should call and consult with a family lawyer right away:

  1. You’ve been served a divorce complaint. You only have 35 days to answer and you may need time to gather information or resources, so get on the phone immediately and make an appointment.
  2. You aren’t getting parenting time either that you have a court order for or you don’t have a court order at all: sitting on your rights means that the transition from no parenting time to having some will take longer. If you’ve waited six months you are not in as good a position to demand equal or even significant parenting time initially.
  3. You have separated. Even if you aren’t sure if you may or may not get back together, know your rights and don’t sit on a request for spousal or child support or to make parenting time arrangements during a separation.
  4. You are divorced and no one did the QDRO to divide pension or retirement benefits. Don’t sit on this and allow assets to dissipate.
  5. You are thinking about adopting as a second parent or stepparent. Even if you think the time isn’t right, get a lawyer’s opinion as to what the steps are to prepare and when the right time is.
  6. You are considering popping the question: the earlier you do a prenuptial agreement, the more likely it is to be upheld.
  7. There’s been a significant change of circumstances that does or should change your custody arrangement: never wait to discuss this with an attorney.
  8. If you are seriously contemplating divorce. You’ll make better decisions armed with information.
  9. If you are at all unsure that your rights in a marriage, divorce or custody situation aren’t being honored.

If any of these apply, call 856-227-7888 for a free consult with The Law Office of Lynda Hinkle, LLC, today!

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