The High Cost of “Free” Divorce

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People facing the possibility of taking care of their own legal matters because they don’t wish to pay an attorney often underestimate the high cost of “free”. For instance:

“I will do my own divorce.”


Forgetting to include life insurance to guarantee spousal and child support and ex dies after 5 years:  $300,000.

Not knowing you have a right to half the house even though the deed is only in her name:  $150,000.

Not considering the possibility that you might need to do a joint bankruptcy before divorcing to discharge debt: $125,000

Post-judgment motions because your marital settlement agreement was written in a way where both of you don’t agree as to what the terms mean :   $5000 each time, 5 times over 8 years:   $40,000.

Not knowing you are entitled to a portion of his pension that accrued during the marriage:   $200,000.

Cost of an uncontested divorce:  Usually under $5000. (Contested divorces can go higher, depending on what the other side does and what is at stake).

“I can’t afford a lawyer for this traffic ticket.”
Cost of insurance rising:  $300 per year, for the next three years:  $900.

Cost of average traffic ticket appearance:  $250-325.

“I don’t want to pay a lawyer to write a will or do my living will or power of attorney:  I will download a template off the internet.”

Cost of estate administration because the template doesn’t cover New Jersey law:  $5000-10,000 for a lawyer to get an improperly done will admitted to probate.

Cost of a will contest between feuding relatives who both want to be named executor when the will fails to name an alternate and the original named executor is diseased:  $5,000-15,000.

Cost of a guardianship because you decided you didn’t need to name anyone to take care of your health care choices if incapacitated:  $5000-10,000

Cost of custody dispute because you named no guardian for your minor children and both you and their mother/father has passed:  $10,000-30,000

Cost of complete estate plan package with simple will, living will and power of attorney:  $550-750.


Still think free is cheaper?

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