SJ Magazine Names Lynda Hinkle Top Attorney in Landlord/Tenant law (2012)

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SJ Magazine has named Lynda Hinkle  Top Attorney in Landlord/Tenant law!  Lynda works exclusively on Landlord side matters, particularly landlords of small or single units (renting out a house or part of a house). Says Hinkle, “I am passionate about making sure single and small unit landlords protect their assets and make sure being a landlord isn’t as stressful and taxing.”  This is the second year the readers of the popular magazine have named Lynda Hinkle Top Attorney*. Need help in that area or know someone who does? Evictions, writing a lease that helps protect you, dealing with a problem tenant? Call 856-227-7888 for an appointment.












Update: Since this was posted, SJ Magazine has named Lynda Hinkle Top Attorney in 2013 and 2014 as well!

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