5 Things to Do if Contemplating Divorce

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You’ve just about had it, but you aren’t quite there. What should you do to prepare for your  “that’s it! time’s up! ” moment?

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  1. Consult an attorney and find out what you are in for.  Most attorneys, ourselves included, are happy to have a consultation with a client even if they need a little more time before pulling the trigger. Preparing a potential client for what’s in store is helpful in making the process less straining on them.
  2. Assemble as much financial data as you can about yourself and your spouse. Run a credit check on yourself to be sure there are no surprises. Gather materials you see around the house that give you a clear picture of your investments and liabilities as a family. If you have an accountant, get as much info from them as you can, but if it’s a shared accountant don’t necessarily put them in the position of knowing why as it may present a conflict for them representing both of you.
  3. Talk to people close to you. You are going to need their support – definitely emotionally, perhaps financially.  Build your team.
  4. If you know you can’t stay in the house once they know it’s over (because of violence or emotional difficulty), seriously contemplate your exit strategy and have one ready to go. If you have children together, this is a serious consideration in the exit strategy and should be discussed in advance with an attorney.
  5. Prepare yourself for a marathon, not a sprint. Most people when they are “done” want it over fast, but fast isn’t always possible or in your best interests (for example, caving on important points of negotiation just to end it may have long term negative consequences.)  Get your head straight that this may take awhile, but it WILL end.If you need a free consultation call us today at 856-227-7888.

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